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Until now.

I just had a very beautiful young woman step into the hotel, asking if there was a room available.  I, of course, said there was... and almost told her the price, until her friend followed in.  Her loud, drunk friend.

... Who just happened to be a midget.

Who was also a woman.

I then told them the price for the room, trying my damnedest to treat the little person... NOT like a little person.  The dwarf, upon hearing the price, slurred drunkenly, "Hey, will you give us the room cheaper if she gives you a blowjob?"  To which the girl laughed, gasping, and leaned over to me, saying, "She's... had a bit much to drink.  Don't pay her any mind."

"Yeah, I... got the feeling."

... The three of us then proceeded to engage in haggling, which there would be none of on my end, and me repeating to the midget that there were no pizza places that delivered at 2:30 AM,  much less OPEN.

The drunk midget also wanted to go to the beach, and to fool around in our jacuzzi room with the hot girl.  A large part of me wants to know their story.  Like, do a novelization of it.  Because they must lead a FASCINATING life.

... What.  The.  Fuck.

Also, I think I need a vote: This story, or me helping Busta Rhymes.  WHICH WINS?

PS: I only really use this damned thing anymore for looking at peoples' art. My shit is completely inconsequential at this point.
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Tagged by :icontvskyle:

1. MUST (!!) answer EVERY SINGLE question.
3. Pass onto 6 of your DA friends. ^^
4. Have fun and let us grow together as a community ^^

Name: Christopher George Rockriver
Birthday: 11/26/87
Birthplace: Simi Valley, CA
Current Location: Burbank, CA
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'8-9"
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right, some ambidexterity.
Your Heritage: Half Norwegian, Half Irish.  Probably random shit mixed in the two.
The Shoes You Wore Today: Black converse.
Your Weakness:
Your Fears: Spiders, betrayal, stupid people in large groups.
Your Perfect Pizza: King Arthur at Round Table.  Dammit.
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Yay.
Bedtime: "When I pass out."  Totally with Kyle, here.
Pepsi or Coke: Both.
McDonalds or Burger King: The BK Lounge, of those two.

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee.

Do you Smoke: I've smoked cigars, that's about it.  And it certainly doesn't happen much anymore.
Do you Sing: Used to.

Have you Been in Love: Yes.
Do you want to go to College: Already been.
Do you want to get Married: I wouldn't be opposed to it.
Do you believe in yourself: Why the feck not.
Do you get Motion Sickness: Used to.  Learned the SECRET.
Do you like Thunderstorms: Absofuckinglutely.
Do you play a Instrument: I wish.

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Yes.
In the past month have you Smoked: Yes.
In the past month have you been on Drugs: No.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Yes.
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: Not even a single one... Damn, sad.
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: Did I?  Yes.  At Joel's party.
In the past month have you been on Stage: NO WAI THE THEATER IS LAME LOL
In the past month have you been dumped: Nope.
Do you work (as in official work): Nah, not yet.

In a girl/boy

Favourite Eye Colour: No preference.  Just depth.
Favourite Hair Colour: I've been drawn to ladytypes of all hair colors, so... Also, no preference.
Short or Long Hair: Long, though short is adorable on some.
Height: "Shorter than me." Once again, with Kyle.
Best Clothing Style: The nekkid kind.

Number of Drugs I have taken: Intentionally, 0.  I've been to enough concerts that I'm sure I've inhaled a few inadvertently.
Number of CDs I own: A veritable shitload.
Number of Piercing: None and no.
Number of Tattoos: None, but not averse to getting one one day.
Number of things in my Past I Regret: Quite a few.  'Tis human.


Wait, I can only choose six?  Fuckshit.  This is asshole time.  Gotta not choose people Kyle picked.

Uh... Tag: :iconnewvagabond: :iconplugz: :icongrammabeth: :iconcrystallineessence: :iconrakala: :iconmissangie:
Much joy to Kyle, as he comes through for me again, fulfilling his promise to make me a theme song for ROCKRIVER!!!.…

Ba-da-BAM.  Give that bad boy a listen.  And remember: I may use this one day when/if I film ROCKRIVER.

Okay, soon I'll begin filming on my talkie film for school.  As such, I will need people who would be willing to help me film and such.  

Actors, camera operators, grips and the like will more than likely be needed.  The lead roles have all, essentially, been casted.  I'm currently in the process of writing the damned thing, however, so roles will come up and may require you to actually act in front of a camera and say lines.

Before I begin, I'd just like a grasp on how many people I'd have willing to work for me, and thus, suffer my directorial style.  This project I'm doing is very personal to me, no matter how minor it may seem to others; especially since it's a fucking high school short film.

Nonetheless, I will be somewhat vicious at hindrances during filming.  I will be fair, and hopefully not do anything too rash.  I cannot offer anything really in compensation, except for my eternal gratitude at your service.  And maybe a wrap party.

Filming will begin as soon as I finish writing and storyboarding the thing, which may be another month or so.  Like I said, I'd just like to know how many of you I'd have in the boat.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Here's a basic summation of the film, as I wrote to Patrick Stein:

To sum up: Cyrano de Bergerac in a high school setting.

I'm adapting the play to a modern-day feel (without making it too Steve Martin-esque), where Cameron (the Cyrano character) helps a new student, Kenneth (Christian) woo the beautiful Helen (Roxane). Instead of a team of rowdy cadets, Cameron, Kenneth and Roxane are all involved in a play that Cameron is directing. By the end of the run of the play, Kenneth has used Cameron's wits well enough that Helen has fallen completely and utterly in love with his mind, and wouldn't care if he were ugly. Unfortunately for Kenneth, his parents, who moved to the city the film takes place in, are called back to their original town for good, and "love" is torn in two.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Cameron then tries his own hand at wooing Helen, seeing as his words inspired her love with Kenneth. After several days of the two of them being really buddy-buddy, Cameron decides to tell her how he feels. This leads to him finding her engaged in a big, loving hug with another man. Crushed, Cameron leaves town completely, when we find out that the man was actually her older brother (who will be mentioned earlier in the film often).

Crappy summation, but... it does the job.
The project of Rockriver is getting shelved at the moment!

Why is this, you ask me?  I'll tell you.  Now, at roughly pi-o'clock, I realized how stuck I was in writing Rockriver's storyline at the moment.  I'd lost the drive, the ambition.  Very few people were on-board with me, and I was hardly on-board with myself anymore.  It seemed to me like too much work for a product I wouldn't be personally satisfied with.  My cast list would have made filming impossible, besides that.  Hell, just co-ordinating schedules would fuck me up pretty good.

So, I'm taking a new project for my Advanced Video Production class.  I'm adapting Cyrano de Bergerac, a play very personal to me, into a high school setting.  Dear god, I hear you cry, High school?!  Steve Martin took it to the modern day and made it about a fire chief, what on EARTH could YOU make it about?!

The answer to that?  Possibly a fencing team.  Possibly the drama department.  Possibly a LOT of things.  Which is, sadly, the beauty of high school.  There are so many things about it that can be incorporated into various functions of life.  The fact that I'm writing it based on Cyrano only makes it sweeter.  I only hope Mr. Carman will let me do something almost adapted from something else.  This also presents me with double the workload, since Rockriver could have been adapted almost into sitcom form, and this... yeah.  No.  Definitely not.

As it stands, I've only been hit by inspiration to write it, not any sort of developmental status.  I'm supposed to discuss my ideas for what I want to work on this Wednesday, but I might talk with Mr. Carman about it today.  I want his approval before I even begin to plot it out, really.  Then I'll have a week to write the beginning screenplay.

Well, okay.  That's a lie.  I want to start writing it now.  I have a bad feeling if I don't get to sleep, I'm going to have a rougher day than previously expected.

PS: So going to have "The Seer's Tower" by Sufjan Stevens in the movie.  Probably in Cyrano's death scene, or some facsimile thereof.  Because I sure as shit want to have him die.
Yes, that's right everyone.  Chris has a good 90% chance of getting a job over at Priscilla's Coffee starting in February.  I'd be working the night shift on weekends with my buddy Andrew, serving you coffee and other suchs drinks of joy.

When it's confirmed when I'll be working, I'll definitely let people know.  And you shall all come and visit me sometime.

On that note, a quick anecdote:

The other night, I helped Kyle tie up his muffler with a USB cable.  It was THE geekiest thing I'd ever done in my life.  The end.
I dreamt all these random supposed They Might Be Giants songs were performed by TMBG, and then I got trapped in a bubble.

So, yeah.  Whee.
And it feels kinda good.

I just posted The Death of Justina, my first short film screenplay.

If anyone has any problems loading it (since dA kinda... spazzed when I tried pasting 36 pages of screenplay into a box), let me know, and I'll post the URL for the actual screenplay.
I've just realized HOW prosperous my past month has been for me.  Along with the $500 my great grandma gave me, I got paid $150 for doing Taming and R&J.  Then I put together a TV table for my great grandma... Again, I expected nothing, but she paid me $40 for it.  I downright refused it entirely this time, though.

... Of course, there's no deterring my great grandma.  I deposited $190 yesterday to my account... I currently have $510.48 in my checking, $209.28 in my savings.  Yaaaaay!

I'mma buy an iPod.  Black, 30 gigs.  It's gonna be awesome.  Yep, yep.

Any ideas on what to engrave on the back?  I'm thinking my favorite quote from Cyrano... Maybe something from Shakespeare.  27 character max on each line, two lines.  So, the sentence "Twenty-seven characters look something like this" can only be written as: "Twenty-seven characters loo".

Not a whole lot.

Either way, I'm gonna order it soon.  Joy.


FAMOUS FOR: Playing Maxwell Smart on the television show, Get Smart! Voicing Inspector Gadget and Tennesee Tuxedo.
CAUSE OF DEATH: Lung Infection
AGE: 82

... I'm actually crying right now...
Due to fucked up theatrical politics, we MIGHT cancel this Friday's and this Sunday's evening shows.  Due to an obnoxious light guy who gets $400 a fuckin' show for pressing buttons.

Yeah.  I'm not kidding.

Our light guy (who, from this point on shall be referred to as "Asshole"), who everybody hates, gets $400 PER show that he does.  So, right now, no matter HOW big the house is, the light guy, gets $400 easy money.  Presses a button when a light cue comes up.  A monkey could do it.  Anyway, not only does Asshole have a bad attitude, but he's bleeding us dry.

The way the show's been going, we don't get a lot of people.  The times we HAVE gotten a lot, people are all comp'd in, which are the actors' complimentary tickets.  We get two tickets for free, which we can use or not.  If we do, we lose money because we have a HUGE house, but no income.  We want this Shakespeare festival to be a yearly thing, but it can't be completely for love.  Advertising, renting the theater, paying the actors (though some of us would GLADLY work for free)... It adds up.

So... Anybody wanna come this Saturday?  Please?
Dude.  Seriously.  All of you are my friends on MySpace for a good reason.  I don't just add people because "OMG UR HOT" or "HAY UR CEWL WE SHOULD HANG OUT"... Most of you I actually know.  Personally.  As in, we go to school together/are close friends.  So, dudes and dudettes...

Come and support my first perfessional plays!  It's two hours of your time and $15 of your money to have MY everlasting support in something YOU might ask me to do someday.  I want my friends to see me do what I love to do.  Something that makes me happy.  You won't see me happier than doing Shakespearean Theater.

SO...… -- Go there for Taming of the Shrew tickets.… -- Go there for Romeo & Juliet tickets.

If money's an issue, the first two people to let me know this, I can get you in for free.  I'm allowed two complimentary tickets to either show, but not both.  So CHOOSE WISELY.

Love ya'll,
I'm going to be getting offline for a few days.  I just need to get away from it all.

Get my head straight.
Everybody who wants to see the productions of Taming of the Shrew or Romeo & Juliet (or both *INSERT HUGE, INVITING GRIN HERE) can now BUY THEM ONLINE.… -- Go there for Taming of the Shrew tickets.… -- Go here for Romeo & Juliet tickets.

For those of you not paying attention, I am playing Biondello (the clown character) and Joseph (another servant) in Taming of the Shrew. In Romeo & Juliet, I'm playing Sampson, Servant One, Friar John, and First Watchman. Both have been rehearsing since mid-July, and are coming along NICELY.

Advantages for each show!
Taming: A super-horny suitor, Mr. Bailey is an old fart suitor, Petruchio getting kneed in the nuts, and me doing a rather long, difficult monologue in two breaths.
R&J: There are swordfights, dick jokes, making outs, dick jokes, suicides, dick jokes, illiterate servants, and dick jokes.

Tickets are $15, and the schedules are as follows:

Alright, everybody... Here's a schedule for teh showings, according to the calendar:

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 7:30 -- TotS
SEPTEMBER 30th, 7:30 -- R&J

Saturdays are the same, so: SATURDAYS ARE 10th, 17th, and 24th of SEPTEMBER, and the 1st of OCTOBER.
MATINEE OF R&J @ 2:00.

Sundays are the same as Saturdays, but REVERSED: 11th, 18th, and 25th of SEPTEMBER.

These will all be at the EL PORTAL THEATER:
5269 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Hope to see you there!
Who gotz Check Card?

I gotz Check card.

*ahem*  Anyway, now that Lucy's off on her way to Tucson (and in Amarillo, Texas as I type), I'm busy as a bitch in heat with all my stuff.  Last night, she and I had a serious talk about getting my life prioritized, and I now have a list of things to do, and dates set.

1) Get classes set up to look better on my transcript -- Done and done.
2) Sign up for the SAT classes, then register for the the actual SAT and ACT tests -- By THURSDAY, 8/18/05
3) Sign up to take the tests for my permit at the DMV -- By MONDAY, 8/22/05
4) Get said permit, learn to drive, get license -- By the END OF THE FIRST SEMESTER
5) After getting the license, get a CAR -- By the END OF THE FIRST SEMESTER (PS: If someone wants to help me decide on a car to get *coughDeLoreoncough* Please do.)
6) After the car, get a JOB -- By the END OF THE FIRST SEMESTER
7) Apply to at least 5 colleges -- By 11/26/87
8) Replace my flabbyness with some more muscle, but while still remaining squishably soft for my Lucy -- By NEXT SUMMER

Yeah, I know goals 4-6 are cop-out dates, but I have to think realistically.  I can't set dates for them until the first three have been completely accomplished.  Other things I just don't know how to realistically estimate a goal date.

I'm totally bored right now, though.  I want to do things, but I can't.

I feel like some eggiwegs... and tolchocking some sobriat in the litso.  Viddy a horrorshow sinny with my ptitsa, Lucy -- Maybe have some of the ol' in-out-in-out, y'know what I mean?    That'd be real horrorshow.

I totally forgot to post my fweakin' schedule.  Sonofabitch.

Anatomy -- Knoop
Algebra 2 -- Hadaya
Economics -- Reily
T.A. Period -- Bailey (Into the fray once more!)
Screenwriting/English 12 -- Carman
Adv. Broadcast Journalism -- Elwell

My first three periods shall be interesting... Teachers I do not know at all, or not well enough.  I met Mr. Hadaya several times during this last year, and he was definitely a cool dude.  I've also heard that Mrs. Knoop and Mr. Reily are both awesome teachers, or at least fun to be with, so that should go by quickly...

However, upon looking at, I've discovered that Mr. Hadaya has a reputation for not really teaching his students... Which worries me a bit.  I need to be learning something.

Anyway, on a lighter note, yesterday was my first rehearsal up in Frazier Park.  Karl (our Assistant Director and Petruchio) drove me, Madison and Kristen up the whole 62 mile trek, where we listened to Dark Side of the Moon and The Best of the Doors the whole trek up.  It was an awesome trip, even with my ears popping every couple of minutes.

During this trip, I learned that Kristen (who looks like a 21 or 22 year-old) was 29 years old.  This sent me for a wild and crazy age loop, because I'm usually very good at guessing peoples' ages.  Karl I immediately pegged for late 20's, early 30's (he's 31).  Madison I've known since she came to school, so that's no big surprising whoop.

Anyway, we finally made it up to the little Frazier Park community, and all the various surrounding towns, including the Lake of the Woods... Which wasn't a lake at all, but just a big pit.  And some trees.  Not very aptly named.  We also went into the "town," which was an incredible place all by itself.  All around us were mountains, trees, and rolling hills... It was my idea of heaven, quite frankly.  I've always loved mountains... I feel out of place in an open space with NOTHING for MILES.  But, anyway, we get to the town, and we meet up with Sharon (playing Curtis) at... (wait for it)...

The Screaming Squirrel.

I shit you not.  This is the GREATEST restaurant name I've EVER heard.  It was right downstairs from a freakin' BRITISH PUB.  I was in heaven.

We walk upstairs and sit on the balcony with Sharon and her friends (whose names escape me at the moment).  We all have a good sit-down, talking about school starting tomorrow up there (as Sharon's a teacher), the guy friend's (we'll call 'im Ricky) knee surgury, and the girl friend's (we'll call her... uh... Vicky) 10 kids and being hit on by a lesbian at Universal Studios.

After a while, more people come up to the balcony, including Sharon's husband Bob (our Grumio), and this amazing biker named "Hawk."  Hawk not only rides an incredible bike by Ricky's standards, but is also a dog trainer at an Institute for the Blind.  Bob, unfortunately, has been having a rather rough week, but we won't go into that.

After a while, we were all starting to get a little peckish, so Karl gave Madison and I a few bucks to head downstairs and pick up some food.  We ordered some fries, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks.  The fries were ready to go, and... MAN.  They were how fries SHOULD be. Tasting of POTATO, not... some indistinguishable flavor.  Then the mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers came up... EQUALLY as perfect.  The cheese was gooey and hot, the chicken was tender, and all was well.  Even tried a sweet potato fry.  Boy, that surprised me.  I normally don't care for sweet potatoes, but those I could go for.

After eating, this older gentleman came out to the patio and sat down next to me, and we were all introduced to Ronnie.  He immediately asked if I was bothered by his smoking... and I picked up his Scottish accent.  This man was astounding.  When he found out we were actors, he immediately asked us how many languages we spoke.  He said he was curious on how well we could express ourselves... And I was flat-out levelled.  He spoke to us in Gaelic, French, Russian, German, and Spanish, and seemed to be perfectly fluent in each.  I'd wished I could've stayed longer and talked with him, but we really had to get going.  Bob had left a while ago, so Sharon told us to head over to their place until we had to go to rehearsal.

On the way there, we made fun of Madison, as Ronnie had paid a particular interest in talking with her... We described him as, basically, the Scottish Don Juan.  Make up your own jokes.

When we get there, we were greeted by the cutest black ball of fluff ever, named "Boogie."  A little black poodle-ish thing... Hyperactive as hell.  Man, you wanted to pick him up and just carry him everywhere.  We then hear Bob call to us... But we have NO idea from where.  Karl finally finds him out on their patio, soaking in the hot tub.  We all sit out there and talk for a while until Sharon comes home, then walks out, pausing for a moment before busting out laughing.  She thought the same thing I'd thought when I first saw him there: "Good god, he's naked."

Of course, he wasn't.  But it was still fucking hilarious.

We sat out some more, talking and running lines with each other for a good half-hour or so.  Found out Karl had grown up around the area, and up in Bakersfield, and that he and Sharon had known each other since junior year of high school.  They even had their own toast: "To now."  Very cool.

... Anyway to make a long story short (too late!), we leave and head to rehearsal, Karl, Madison and I swing on the swings in the park, I need to memorize my fucking lines, and Biondello is going to be a CRACK UP.

We then drive back, and get into the heated political discussion, about how the country is ruined, and how corrupt and evil civilization is becoming.

... Overall, a good day.


Yeah, right. *coughs*
And now for another lesson in "How Not to Wake Chris Up", volume two. (Volume one doesn't exist, so shut up.)

Today's lesson: Police coming to my door and telling me to evacuate, due to a BOMB across the FUCKING STREET.

Yeah, I'm not kidding, guys. I wake up this morning to the sound of knocking on my front gate, and the phone ringing. My mom picks up the phone, so I listen. At first, I thought my great grandma fell down again, or something, since I didn't know what time it was. Turns out, it was our neighbor, Gloria, telling us that the police were at the front gate, and that we needed to evacuate.

Me, I'd just gotten to sleep around 5 or 6 this morning. It is now 7:30.

First thoughts: FUCKNATIONS, I'M PISSED.

So, I grab my robe, my mom's spazzing and muttering about, "What about the animals?" (As we have two lizards, a snake, a dog, some fish, and a turtle, this is a bit of a priority) I tell her that they'll be fine, just close the hallway door, and they'll be fine.

So, we leave the pets and everything else, I take my cell phone, and we're driving to my grandma's house to get some more damn sleep. However, my grandma, the paranoid woman she is, has the place locked up tighter than a homophobe's asshole in Fort Knox. She has the bolts bolted, chains chained, locks locked, and curtains drawn. I have keys, but I can't get through the damn chains, nor the bolts. They're the old-fashioned kind that you do manually, instead of deadbolts with a turn and a key. I call my grandma maybe five, six times, but she must be sleeping on her good ear, and thus, can hear NOTHING. Ring the doorbell, slam a door, knock on a window-- Nothing.

Pissed me off even more.

SO, after that, we go to my great-grandma's apartment (she's staying with my grandma for the while), which has become dustier than Custard's nutsack. My allergies IMMEDIATELY go fuckin' crazy, and I can't sleep for another good hour. I finally get to sleep, then wake up an hour or two later to my mom calling the police to check if we could come back yet. They say we can (of course. Fuckers.). I'm too argahurghu to do anything, so my mom goes and runs errands while I pass out for another hour or two, after which we come back home.

The moral of this story: If the police come to your door telling you to evacuate due to a possible bomb threat, tell them: "Well, let the BOMB wake me up next time!"
Big announcement in my life, you guys:

Mr. Rockriver is hitting the BIG STAGE. That's right, my friends: I'm in a PROFESSIONAL PLAY.

Those of you who know me well enough know that I definitely dream of being an actor; preferably a classically trained, Shakespearean actor. Well, I might just get my wish. I just got back from my first rehearsal for a production of Romeo and Juliet. I shall be playing Sampson, along with several other small, speaking roles. As such, I'll be engaging in maybe three or four swordfights onstage.

Fuck yes.

I'll also be in the Taming of the Shrew production that they'll be playing along-side R&J. My parts there haven't been cast yet, but we'll know this Saturday.

Anyway, the show's gonna debut at the EL PORTAL Theater in NoHo (North Hollywood to you non-Los Angeles/Hollywood residing folk), and run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and matinees from September 10th to October 2nd.

I'm goddamn excited. Wish me the breaking of legs.
Just letting everyone know if I'm not here for a while... My grandfather passed away yesterday (Thursday) from pneumonia.  He'd been hospitalized originally for dehydration, which lead to a collapsed lung and kidney failure, and finally ending with pneumonia.  Not a pleasant way to go, mind you... but I've been assured he went peacefully enough.  I thank God for that...

He was the only father figure I grew up with, after having my father die from a motorcycle accident a little over seven and a half years ago.  A sergeant in the army during WWII, a wonderful chef, and an art director.  He was kind, loving, understanding... I loved him dearly, and yet I never told it to him enough.

I know he knew how much I appreciated him, even if I don't feel it was expressed fully.  Around 3rd-5th grade, my friend Evan used to come over to my grandparent's house every other day after school, where my grandpa would sometimes fix us a grilled cheese sandwich.  I loved those sandwiches...

In a way, I am glad.  He's in a much better place, and hopefully a better state of mind.  He's with his loved ones in whatever afterlife may exist... I just hope he won't be joined by another member of my family anytime soon.

R.I.P. Verden Ready

Beloved husband, father, and grandfather.
Thanks to my buddy Juan's first film, From Dusk Until Your Balls Drop, "Mambo # 8" by Perez Padro is stuck in my head.  Mostly because I've always liked mambo... Just haven't had the opportunity to get into it completely.  I'd totally be into Perez Prado if I knew I could get away with it in my house.

Yeah.  My mom's a little racially uncultured.  *coughs*

But, yeah, today was pretty neat.  I started reading Crime and Punishment in my second period... Which I can't wait to get back into next year.  Seriously, guys.  I fucking love broadcast journalism.  It rocks hardcore.  Hopefully Casey and Trevor will join up again next year, and the three of us will do wildness together.  The positives of the seniors leaving: Coleman.  The negatives: Juan, Tommy, Miles, Josh (at times), Sean, Katie, and many others who I forgot to mention.

... Man, I'm gonna be a SENIOR next year.  How fucked is that?

Anyway, apart from that, I've got even more of a desire to do a film, write in my screenplay, etc.  Hopefully, I can do so.

Right now, though, I'm tired.


Tuesday: 3/4 - Psychology/English T.A.
Wednesday: 2/5 - Broadcast Journalism/English
Thursday: 1/6 - Dance/U.S. History (Probably the most difficult day... Still don't have a dance choreographed.)

Also, Thursday, I'll be goin' to see Batman Begins with a group of friends, though right now, who knows who's going.  I think it's just Arica and myself confirmed at the moment, but maybe Joel'll be with, too.  Or... something.  *shrug*